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About Eshinetek

A good promotion free gift---It must be able to be long-term use by consumers, so that it can achieve the best advertising benefits!

Therefore, we use the reusable adhesive hooks series products as promotional gifts, because the consumers prefer to use such products, so it can be better achieved advertising effect.

Minimum only 500pcs, you can customize the printed matter to create the best advertising effectiveness with the lowest cost.

亦祥科技 was founded in 2008; we are specializing in the reusable adhesive that used in all kinds of daily necessities, for example: hooks. These products are also used in promotion free gift, like the election, opening of the company, exhibitor’s gifts and every promotional gift…etc.

In addition, we have successfully developed non-residue adhesive foam tape. We have also made patent in Taiwan and China.

新型第M 4607755號 , 大陸專利/ ZL 2013 0 175152.6

General photo frame product is heavy, not easy to hoard, need space and need nails to display, so we use our reusable adhesive in photo frame product. In this way, we solve all the problems. It’s thin, easy to hoard, only need small space, and it can easy to paste no need nails, also can be reused. The pattern could be customized, it also has advertising effectiveness.